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Coping with Panic Attacks and really, any degree of anxiety attacks or constant level of anxiety – or all three at the same time is…..


it’s really comes down to a pass or fail

and let’s face it. most of us fail at it most of the time.

so. here is what I have learned – which I was sharing with a penpal last night.

I observed something very interesting. I was in a relaxed state and sharing my coping mechanism
with a pen pal of several months.

and as I wrote out the words, I felt a sense of calm and confidence.

when I wrote out my mantra for her, there was a whole new level of calm – so having a positively affirming mantra that you run through the word thoughout the day

will certainly help with general anxiety – as well as reinforcing the mantra during panic or high stress events.

Anyway, now that I have explained the intermediate level – this is my part of the conversation with my pen pal – walking her through the process of taking herself out of a panic attack.


so the thing to do is to focus on breathing

so when you are having a panic or anxiety event

the first thing is to calm your breathing

what I found helped was a mantra

you are safe

you are protected

you are loved

you might want to start with just

safe, protected, loved

then do the fuller sentence one

it depends on the severity of the attack

and which words you can wrap your mind around

once you have that first shot of calm

then it’s about untangling the thoughts you are having


you have a thought, then worry about a consequence

so instead of the conseqence

focus on the thought

how reasonable is it?

how probable

what other consequences are possible or more likely

don’t accept the thoughts – your brain is just storming



from storming you shift to norming and from there, performing.


consider the Harry Potter – Ridiculous – and laughing at the dark thoughts  is a means to banish them


laughing at the improbable, less likely chances of the outcome you dread


the anticipation of a thing or event is generally worse than the actuality of it


and so it is with thoughts


thoughts are not deeds and they are not even words


sometimes just saying them aloud
is the best way to see how falsely they ring in the ear



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