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Posted on: October 1, 2012

We experience life in a continuous moment by moment basis


some of us engage with the world in a go with the flow, moment by moment

others look to the past or the future


we all have our own perspectives and priorities, interests and goals.


but sometimes you get whatever the cliches are curve balls, lemons or kicked to the curb.


either way, it’s your life and it’s up to each of us to live the best life for ourselves that we can.

with equality in law and being valued in society were we can be the best respective us that any of us can be.




agoraphobic philosopher ponders:

if you live with the idea of forgiveness,
if you live with the idea of kindness,
if you live with the idea of curiosity,

then you shouldn’t hold anger or hate or mistrust in your heart

because if you live with the idea that everyone can be redeemed and forgiven – then carrying a grudge, judging people, and punishing them – should be unthinkable

none of which means you shouldn’t think critically and not forget – after all, anyone who continues the objectionable behaviours is not trying to redeem themselves, they are just trying to pull the same crap over again.

but the point is, if you know you will forgive, then let go of the anger and hurt – get toxic people out of your life or minimized as best as you can

then get on with your own life, which, when based in positive emotions and thoughtfulness – self management and mindfulness,

no matter what happens in and around your life, you will be able to find and see more joy and happiness than looking at the world from a negative emotional place that skews your perspective about the world and your place in it.

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