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But some truths are so self evident, that it’s power that shakes.


Not just being able to laugh at oneself, but also the nature and frequency – the range and variation of humour able to be expressed.


Because it’s not just about the ability to read and express emotions and limit social capablity to being able to merely respond in kind or in proportion.


But also the ability to display a complexity and nuances, a variety of behaviours and not come across as rigid or stiff and uncomfortable. Behavioral markers people should be paying attention to in their would be political, religious, workplace or social group leaders.


We know enough history and enough about behavioural psychology to be vigilant at the ballot boxes to ensure that the citizens will never need to be armed against the government.


and the measure of a civilization is not the technology or the complexity of production of wealth.


but in the quality of life of the citizens and the social contract being fair, equitable and easy for each person individually and sub groups collectively to be able to work and play well with each other in a way that every person has the ability and access to opportunities to work at their best and fullest capacity in accordance with their interest and effort.


to have shelter and food security, basic survival to be so assured a given as to really not be a worry.

because if you have to worry about your literal survival on a daily basis. then that’s unjust and unsupportable in a global awareness community.


and there’s really no excuse for anyone individual or nation to be isolationist when the world is literally and meaningfully accessible to you on your fucking cell phone or computer or other net gadget.


Invented by atheists and gays. seriously. we’re scientists, inventors, artists.


we make your world worth living and fun


so think about that the next time you say that we don’t know what love is all about.


because the piece of paper that marriage is and the rights that they trigger


don’t compare to what love is really about and commitment





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