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And I think, not only in terms of what you nourish your body with, so it can renew and rebuilt, heal and maintain itself – but also is an an indicator of how adventurous your spirit is and how connected you are to your fellow humans and the rest of the world.

In many ways, the transportation system that allows us to sample the produce of the world from the convenience of  your local grocery store is a wonderful way to have a shared experience with other people in other regions.

and not everyone lives within a 100 miles of where food is grown or produced.

urban sprawl and that for the first time in human recorded history, more people live in urban cities than in rural farm lands…….

not a good thing for that many people to be disconnected with nature and unconscious to how food is produced and it’s impact on the health of the planet.

climate change is natural but the human activity of slashing rainforest for grazing land, the manure and methane and chemicals – including hormone disrupting pesticides – produced by agriculture and industry -in addition to the radioactive pollution and expended nuclear rods created by the nuclear industry – which we do not manage well, when the best maintained and operated plants are in high seismic zones as is the case for Japan – or as the Chernobyl plant was caused by a head engineer who really did not understand the science or the procedures to use the equipment – and he ordered an unsafe test that caused that meltdown and cancer rates around the globe to increase….

we need to be more sustainable in our approach to both nutrition of ourselves and the planet – the only one we have and we have to learn to share it – work and play well with others.

Solar, wind and wave energy is perpetual – at least as long as the planet is around – best to tap into these sustainable sources – and create untold number of jobs – from research/development, construction, maintenance and operation.

Every home could have solar panels o their roofs to offset the power grid, instead of being a heat sink or merely reflective of the heat back into the atmosphere.

underwater turbines, made safe for wildlife would generate more reliable power than wind, being a constant source of motion – and really, we’d be tapping into connection between the earth and moon.

building agricultural density – towers with indoor farming instead of workstations – better pest control by moving farming indoors to high density – making it possible to grow food in city limits and control the pest by simply controlling the building access – beneficial insects like bees would also benefit from a secure from parasites and predators like wasps environment.

harmony with nature, understand the science  and adopt a philosophy of curious compassion towards your fellow people, their cultures, alternative ways of living and be creative with living.

life is an an experiment and it’s up to each of us whether we are designing and operating the experiment of our lives or if we’re someone else’s lab rat.

Medically legal in Canada
practically decriminalized for simple possession
the Government of Canada has had a marijuana farm/medical research since the 1970s.

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