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why would you want to go down with someone else’s ship. in a self made disaster no less

they are never going to appreciate you for your effort

your needs never get met if you don’t put them first and make you a priority

the first rule of emergency preparedness of rescuers is to keep themselves safe

so apply that principle to mental health and self care-taking.

One can help people – more effectively and even more people, when your own needs are at or closest to 100% taken care of, not running at 70%

part of that is helping but not getting emotionally involved with the person and their problem, even while solving it

it’s about maintaining an awareness of your sphere of influence and span of control – compared to your actual responsibility in the situation

it’s okay to go above and beyond, but that needs to be acknowledged and not taken as their due.

imagine a social org chart box; remember what your relationship to them is

how that fits in the hierarchy and web of all your relationships

perspective, it’s a wonderful and magical thing sometimes

Posted on: September 15, 2012

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