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Not every day will have a theme song, but I do think of the various songs that I have considered theme or meaningful songs to me.

Since I have been thinking a lot about high school. Acting Class, choir, the people, all the volunteer activity. all that sense of drama and urgency.

I decided to watch one of my favorite movies of all time and today’s theme song is the song that just speaks the most to me today.




Many years ago, I wrote an article about battering in lesbian relationships.

I interviewed a woman who admitted hitting her partner.


another interview that I did for the article was with the then office co-ordinator of the Vancouver Lesbian Centre in vancouver , british columbia.


I asked her “Where do men belong in the women’s movement?”


she answered: “on the sidelines working with other men.”


I said: “Shouldn’t women in battered women’s shelters see that there are good and caring men?”


She said “No, that would be too traumatizing.”


“SO,” I said, “What you are telling me is that men should be operating the shelters that lesbians go to?”


there was a long moment of silence.


She said “I never saw you lead me down that garden path. You really want to be black balled in the feminist community, don’t you?”







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