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Posted on: November 29, 2012

Posted on: November 29, 2012

When I first started my fan club

it was not actually to create a public persona or start a publicity campaign to promote myself as a screenwriter, writer, poet, comedian or advice/information person.

It was really to see to build my self esteem
reconnect with people that I had known on line for years

and to a limited way, measure by new members
what sort of impact that my recovery process had on other people

well, my official Vancouver’s Most Famous Unproduced Screenwriter fan club didn’t really get any bigger than when I started it – still under 100 people

but I do have over 200 subscribers to my facebook feed, which in turn feeds 4 of my blogs – so plus the subscribers on each blog

and some people took the time to write and let me know that what I posted helped them

some are people I regularly chat with on my timeline
others I exhange messages or spent time chatting with

and a few special ones, we phone each other

so there are many ways to connect to people

some are only virtual and some become real and meaningful relationships

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song 2: Invincible


Posted on: November 29, 2012

relatable share #315

Source of Inspiration

He lives a vending machine life…
like coffee bitter in a paper cup.
A grizzled two-day beard, blood-
shot eyes, and an attitude of

Today is the same as yesterday,
no hope that tomorrow will fare
better. He would kill himself
but how would he know?

There are pills for ill health,
cures for sadness, remedies for
fatigue, but indifference is
relegated to the pit of forever.

A life wasted, not from wrong
deeds, but rather from opportunities
unseen due to blindness caused by indifference.

Do not let your final words be, “who cares,”
but rather, “thank-you!”

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Posted on: November 29, 2012

Nina's Garden

I have 2 dogs, both of them rub their faces intensely on furniture, my girl because she had a medical condition – cataracts then glaucoma – so she rubbed her face for pain relief and eventually connected that behavior with getting attention.

so my boy dog mimics the behaviour and while it seems self evident not, it was something of a curiousity to me, earlier this year, when I basically studied my two dog’s behaviours as a clue to understanding human behaviours – to build my way back from a psychotic break with reality.

I had to make sense of what I could understand and then extrapolate back to the well….

what passes for realty…

anyway, I was looking for the photos of the anatomy of a panic attack and mostly wanted to share these because I think the dog portions are cute images.

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