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Being Thankful for Fridays

Posted on: November 22, 2012


Tomorrow is Friday.


now for most people, that is something to look forward to.


not me. for too long, Fridays were the days of highest terror and given that abusers fall into patterns


Friday was the day that the workplace conflict was escalated.


Whether it was to ensure my sense of terror and helplessness continued over the weekend. which, given the dread of Mondays, really didn’t need Friday as a peak terror day.


In any event. I, as a coping mechanism once I was at home and no longer had to report to work, was to forget which day of the week it was.


Because even now, a year later. I become more edgy and nervous, more easily stimulated into being overwhelmed.


Honestly, it’s like having PMS every week instead of just once a month. compounded to be sure.


but for the last month, I have been able to keep track of what day of the week it is. so YAY ME


And lately I have actually been correct.  so CELEBRATE ME.




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