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The frustration of circular logic

Posted on: November 4, 2012


3 Responses to "The frustration of circular logic"

plus she entirely missed the point of the poster

which is to NOT spend energy managing your image

but just be the best you that you can be.

let small minds be small

I actually think that this conversation went sideways

because I actually did focus on the other person’s opinion and responded to it

rather than saying specifically that I disagreed, why and why my interpretation was.

the other person assumed we understood the image in the same way and we clearly did not.

so the other person felt disagreed with, didn’t understand the expressed nature of the responses

because we do not know each other and this poster only occasionally comments on my timeline – so I have no idea about their educational background or interests – so really, I have no context for prolonged discussion or any connection or attachment to this person

so, the amount of effort needed to be able to engage this person to the level that they are presuming they are communicating with me

has been proven to be not worthwhile in cost effective terms.

also, with just text. there’s no way to know tone of voice, inflection

whether a person is being playful, teasing, being funny or being a range of emotions

you really need to know a person in person

to know just how expressive they are, how willing to share

how honest or genuine a person is

given the troll net culture

take everything with a grain of salt

and don’t let anything online get to you emotionally or personally

strangers are not experts about you or your life

they are only potential friends

then you get to decide how much weight to give their opinions

and never make anyone’s more than your own

not. just saying

no matter how many others there are

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