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Posted on: October 27, 2012

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Entering each of our births on the Main Stage Theatre what the physical world, we grow each time under the name given by our parents that the human individual as everyone we seem to be, this name becomes little little one identity that we knew, psychological characteristics associated with the new personality before birth which we chose to experience this new life on Earth.
During this life in this new role, other superficial layers of identity will be added gradually to name individual first received, other labels will define us as part of this family, as nationality ( sometimes through such particular tribe or clan), as profession, with all possible degrees that we argue will or not consideration of other human beings.
In addition to social status – we will also be automatically inherited, along with wealth or poverty in our community of birth – our identity as we personally live our religion also typically include – probably one of the family or the country where we were born, unless we reject that religion to choose another, or a form of atheism.
The latter kind of label added to all the others will express more or less formalized our beliefs, Materialism most comprehensive theories most extreme in the other direction, consider that as a material devoid of Illusion sense, and the Spirit as the only Reality.
Some or some of us at that point, tired of theories, be they erected dogmas claiming exclusive truth, are moving more towards what is more simple belief, but direct experience of our profound life: they come deliberately and resolutely spirituality, ie the exploration and development conscious of this divine nature they sometimes begin to feel the depths of themselves.
Gradually, understanding broader understanding to even larger human discovered that these far “have” a soul, they ARE actually a eternal soul or spirit, embodied for a time in the physical world to a new experience Life on Earth.
This awareness is long and fragile, vulnerable to any assault within the usual reactions of ordinary human nature in us. Consciousness of the individual in question is found trapped again if false identifications automatic limiting and discouraging, and nothing else seems to exist. But gradually as the deepest inner experience grows and multiplies, it also strengthens and acquires more weight be for all the choices that we make in life constantly . It is a slow reconquest by the spirit in us all areas of our earthly existence – reconquest slow but stubborn and sure of her victory.
Because we are not alone in this long battle our inner being is always in contact with the Universal Reality where all light bathes the Divine Mother that individualizes its presence also of infinite love in the privacy of the space of our soul , at any moment we can call to his aid, or with the Light Beings like us who move in this Infinitude freely, not having chosen to participate in Thurs terrestrial Grend there also involving themselves. And those who can help others embody two of their incarnations, and even while they are incarnated, although to a lesser extent, we are all in fact multi-dimensional beings present and active in more dimensions Total Reality that we do not doubt for now …!
For the moment, unfortunately, most of us are still ignorant of this, players took their roles and not remembering who they really are, this amnesia is of course a pre-condition to participate in this Adventure Scalable what earthly life. The challenge is precisely the Spirit in us gradually overcome all these apparent impossibilities initials, and despite all the difficulties that continue encere long, finally arriving to wake up in the material itself, and in the our physical body, the victorious Presence of the Spirit. This is what is beginning to happen now in this new phase of evolution prepared and initiated by Sri Aurobindo and Mother. In more body that are having the desired responsiveness, cells also awaken to the need of the Divine, and their own unlimited potential … They also simple before players took their roles, taking cells for single cells begin to realize what they really are, that’s all: the Divine …

Lab of Evolution

je t'aime, je t'aime pas

Entrant à chacune de nos naissances sur la Grande Scène de Théâtre qu’est ce monde physique, nous y grandissons chaque fois sous le nom donné par nos parents à l’individu humain que comme tout le monde nous semblons être; ce nom devient peu à peu la seule identité que nous nous connaissions, associée aux caractéristiques psychologiques de la personnalité nouvelle dont avant de naître nous avons choisi de faire l’expérience dans cette  nouvelle vie sur la Terre.
Au cours de cette vie dans ce nouveau rôle, d’autres couches d’identité superficielle vont s’ajouter peu à peu au nom individuel d’abord reçu, d’autres étiquettes vont nous définir comme faisant partie de telle famille, telle nationalité (parfois en passant par tel clan ou telle tribu), telle profession, avec tous les diplômes éventuels qui vont nous valoir ou non la considération des autres êtres humains.
En plus de ce statut social – que nous…

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