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Breathing out Recovery

Posted on: October 25, 2012

Two things that I found helpful in my recovery process:


I found reversing the Orwellian language concepts useful to rebuild understanding
the idea of using a small subset of words and then modifying them with double, plus – instead of using other words to indicate magnitude was really helpful to me to maintain clear communication

until I could start to understand the nuances of difference between words

and words with multiple meanings – as well as orders of magnitude of intensity.

when words became overwhelming and lost all meaning
because what was being said to me was not truth
and was not intended or any comfort

it was all about silencing me

words were lost to me

until I took them back



to indicate happy with me or proud of me

for any, every and all reasons to be happy or proud of me

the important thing is to acknowledge yourself

so, dearest readers, please use any of the tools I created for me – for you too

because these self talk tools really do help and form a critical part of any self esteem recovery process…

but also, sharing those tools with others helps me feel valuable

feeling valuable becomes being valued

and really, that’s the heart of self esteem. valuing yourself.


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