Living Well

Posted on: October 23, 2012

well, we can actually make that choice and there are legitimate circumstances.

in one sense, while it’s the ultimate act of free will,

dignity is important to retain, so not as an act of desperation

as long as there is life, there are always do over and more chances

life is precious because it is a infinite experience

and given that given

each of us has to make the most of the one experience that we can all agree that we have

regardless of what anyone believes happens afterwards

so it’s important to make it the best life for yourself and everyone that you can.

sometimes it’s just plain truth
unvarnished, pure and plain

I think that used to be called common sense
but it’s been a while since that’s been either common or sensical.

Source of Inspiration

I’ve lived a very long time,
yet only the blink of an eye.
So many stories have not been
told. Will it be I who lives
them or are these chapters
left to another?

We do not know what, how, or
which day, only that eventually,
we must go. Though we can not
decide when, we can and must make
choices about how we live this gift
called “life,” though many allow
others to rule them and never
experience the essence of who they are.

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