Living Well

Posted on: October 17, 2012

This is why plants that live in water are thin and flexible

rigid plants would be torn apart

a class lesson I learned at outdoor education camp in grade 6.

but the less classy lessons that I learned about adults who were … let’s say…

not that secure in their person or in their position of authority

to deal with the 6th or 7th grade Nina.

When you teach people lessons
you can never really be sure what their take away is.

just a thought, eh…

Source of Inspiration

What remains the same
in this world of change?
What can I hang on to in
the kaleidoscope called “life?”

The river rushes
forward, sweeping me
along, grasping at rocks
and branches that batter
and bruise me. I can not
swim against the current,
though I fight it with
all of my might.

Then I surrender,
become one with the flow,
skimming the surface of
delight, changing my form
but not my substance,
for who I am is the one
constant in my life.

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