Living Well

Posted on: October 14, 2012

Working and playing well with others

means not merely tolerating, but embracing diversity.

Underingstanding people as individuals as well as members of a larger demographic, which is then positioned with the larger society.

at the end of the day, we all want the same things
security of person, shelter and food security
family and friends as well as the ability to participate in society, socially and economically

equality raises everyone
diversity is the spice of life

Source of Inspiration

“You are so opinionated!”
Well, yes I am.
So are all of us.
I will not take that as
criticism. What it says
to me is that my opinion
is different from yours and
you are angry because you
cannot change my mind.

It is interesting that we
get angry at people who
disagree with us. Why do we
feel obligated to change
their minds?

It was so freeing when I
finally learned that I can
have my opinion and so can
you. I am who I am. Please
accept me as I am. I will do
the same for you. This is
what “unity through diversity”
is all about. Amen to that!

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