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Posted on: October 13, 2012

Thank you Pat

I have been building towards doing a post about accepting compliments

but I haven’t been very gracious at accepting them myself

and you’ve really captured those reasons

so thank you

this is a wonderful post you’ve crafted, Pat.

hugs n ❤

Source of Inspiration

When we receive a compliment, e.g., “I like your dress,” some think we should say something “humble,” i.e., “Oh, this old thing, I’ve had it for years!” But in responding thusly, we negate the other person’s wanting to give us pleasure. If we receive the compliment graciously, e.g., “Yes, I love it, too. It is my favorite color,” we allow the other person to enjoy giving the compliment,thereby we both receive the pleasure of the exchange.

Consider how this plays out in other ways in life. We receive from many sources, including the Source. By being a “gracious receiver,” we also give. This give and take creates a harmony, a balance between those involved.

People often get stuck in the “receive only” mode, and do not know the pleasure of giving. They take and take, always wanting more. Eventually, they become selfish, greedy, even willing to harm others to get…

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