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Your nature is your family tree

Posted on: October 10, 2012

while your nurture is the particular family in a given generational point in time.

so much depends on the quality and the variety in the environment.

Children who are effectively stimulated, challenged and encouraged will be more socially capable and thrive better than children raised in homes that limit their intellectual develop and exposure to …. well everything.

I was treated as a mini adult at home. While that did make me stand out from my peer group, it was a comfortable place for me – a pertepetual outsider to be.

On every scale of measurement, I so never feel into normal ranges or averages.

so it’s little wonder that when people have tried to hold me to those compartively low standards…

well, it’s depressing to be praised for your work, when you know exactly how little effort it took to accomplish it.

the goals that we set for ourselves are often more lofty and satisfying than any goal set by other people.



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