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Posted on: October 6, 2012

I propose that for the sake of simplicity that the fall season just be declared one long holiday


Thanksgivoweenadanuchakmaszaa  or something that helps roll all the holidays that occur around the world and keep one day aside – November 11 – for Remembrance and Memorializing those who gave their lives so that the rest of us might be here to enjoy whatever holiday we celebrate or just to work and play well with others – so that no one else need be asked to do such a thing again.


That’s the part we’re not supposed to forget.


You know. as we celebrate genocide of indigenous people through the north and south American continent…..


seriously, none of these are my holidays…….


okay Halloween. that’s like national everyone be queer day.



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Reblogged this on The Shut-in Stand-Up and commented:

You know

it was a bit of a toss up which one of these two blogs to post the original on and then push it to the other.

But then, parts of it belong on the Lezflirt blog too.

dear readers, I will leave it to you to sort out.

the take away is potluck

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