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Posted on: October 5, 2012

I think that it’s easier to help those who are distant to you
once those closest and closer to you
are care taken

however, there is the matter of putting the help where the need is greatest

and combined with what your contributions are

effort over impact

Source of Inspiration

Do we have an obligation to help or leave an inheritance to our family? One might automatically assume we do, but is this always true? Take, for example, a family that has many resources for help compared to one that does not, e.g., in the US versus an impoverished country in Africa.

People ask me why I came to Brazil as a volunteer rather than doing the same work in the US. To be honest, my motivation for choosing a life of service was two-fold. One was my wanting to give back to the world the abundance I had received. At the same time, I also wanted to know more about other cultures, to travel and experience, first hand, the vast tapestry of our world. I wanted to fulfill some of the unrealized dreams of my life.

To go back to the original question, is a person obligated to help…

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