Living Well

Posted on: October 1, 2012

the whole point of doing good is to generate good feelings

so that gets to include yourself

be good, be made happy by your act of goodness and your motivation/intend to do good

good is the gift that goes on giving
so give it to yourself and others

let them give back to you, and be made happy by your joy and their own internal reward system

because really, the pursuit of happiness, from which so much good stems and flows

is all about rewards and celebrations
sometimes just for you
sometimes with others

and that makes it easier for it to sometimes be just for one or several others

but everyone needs to have their needs met before wants can be assured

needs wants musts

sometimes you need strings to not fall through the cracks


web of life

Source of Inspiration

I struggle with giving
and expecting nothing in
return. I find myself at
least expecting gratitude.
In addition, since we feel
good about ourselves when
we give, does this rewarding
feeling serve as our
motivation, thus negating the
possibility of it coming from
unconditional love?

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