Living Well

Posted on: September 24, 2012

Well really

what could be more boring to an eternal than uniform conformity
the only place you need that is military units, which, perhaps to the gods of old, that’s really all followers were
hardly what anyone could call a personal relationship in any case.

Free Will is necessary
otherwise novelty could not exist

Random Chance
Chaos Theory

who know what that random element is at the quantum level

strange attractors indeed

Lab of Evolution

As for millennia Spirituality, both in the East and in the West, has been lived away from normal life and all its temptations, in secluded collective places like monasteries and ashrams, or in solitary refuges like caves and mountain-tops, we have all grown with the (usually unconscious) belief that to be an authentic spiritual person one must wear a certain recognizable costume with certain other outer marks of one’s belonging to a certain spiritual group or tradition. Or one must be seen meditating at regular times or doing rituals and other practices that are supposed to be the only outer activities a spiritual person must have: activities that are supposed to be ‘holy’, in opposition to all the other ones that are supposed not to be holy and so are supposed to be shunned.
In India  – especially rural India, still more steeped in traditions – one has almost constantly…

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