Living Well

Posted on: September 22, 2012

well, it’s a good analysis about popular social movements and health fads and responses to genuine health information.

From my own experience, I became a raw food/vegetarian this spring 2012

and in that time until September 2012

I have lost approximately 90 pounds and improved both my physical and mental health with the nutritional support of as organic as possible raw veggies and fruit and vegetable based proteins with minimal grain carbs.

I have been able to stop taking diabetic medication, I no longer have sleep apnea or irritable bowel syndrome.

Of course, I have also dramatically eliminated stressors in my life and have established a solid support network of family and friends in person and on line.

But cooking does chemically, nutritionally and texture wise alter food.

some foods are improved by cooking and others are diminished

the main thing is to be aware of what you are eating and eat the healthiest possible.

there is no rule that will solve everything, you have to think about things and understand biology.

and really, that’s the rub.

education and awareness be your guide

not obeying a list of fixed rules that do not allow you to problem solve rule conflict or gaps.



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