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there’s value in a liberal arts education

Posted on: September 18, 2012


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Reblogged this on gracealleytreasures and commented:
We did do that kind of thing. What happened? I believe children need art to make them well rounded and build a sense of self that has been lost in the declining/gone art education within the school system!

well, part of is is the whole emphasis on sports over arts

and arts is what gets cut first in the budgets…..

but yeah, making learning fun and creative means a person develops a love of learning that will carry them over their life

make it a drag and well… willful ignorance and we see the culture shift equating amateurs with experts

so appalling in the digital information age

also. thank you very much for re-blogging

that is always a thrill


Well I think our cyber society has forced people in front of their computers and they have forgotten about art and creating so it isn’t in their minds anymore. Sad. I just posted a bit a of ramble on my blog if you are interested. I’m new at all this so I didn’t even realize you had commented on my post! This web is overwhelming!

Yeah, it was a lot funner before the graphics, video and audio

it was more manageable when it was just us geeks

now it’s like a drunken frat party and no one remembers their company manners anymore.

Haha. Well it’s all a bit too much honestly. I’m not sure about it all. Thanks for the convo!

I didn’t know there was such a think as too much honesty

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