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Posted on: September 13, 2012

There’s a good lesson to be gleaned about mindfulness and self care taking in here

Thank you Bhaga for sharing part of your own internal resolution process

but also, it’s a good lesson in remembering that it’s a good thing to delegate and accept help when it occurs

i guess especially when we are so used to being the one providing the help
makes it challenging to accept sometimes

the lessons are endless ripples, eh?

Lab of Evolution

I know, I’m not writing much on this blog these days… Not that I don’t want to.
When so much is going on, both within and without, that one must absolutely attend to, one tends to shut up, kind of automatically, in order to somehow keep one’s focus on that, which is the present somewhat life and death priority.

Within, what is happening is easy to guess: the inner turmoil still there in my being underneath the peace of mind. At some levels the still lurking subconscious anxiety, or impatience, or anger, sometimes surfaces, taking its toll on the peace of mind…!
Without, a lot is happening too, which I finally feel able to tell you about, now that I’m reassured it’s not a daydreamed imagination I’m going to wake up from at any moment.
For it is like a dream come true: how many times I have felt terribly…

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Thank you very much for this reblog, Nina! And indeed the present drastic situation here makes it a necessity to accept help, and even ask for it, as loudly as one can!!! ‘Endless ripples’, yes!… That’s the way things should be, so that we all learn to work together, including those who are far away from us physically. After all, we are all on that one tiny planet… one human family. It is high time we became aware of that.

Yes, work well and play with others. that’s my motto.

Given the givens of my situation, as you are well aware of, my blogosphere mentor for more than the past year,
the least that that I can do is support and raise awareness about important issues.

that doing this has helped me to regain my own empathy, compassion and even interest in other people and the issues that they are concerned about

which sometimes takes me into the geo political world

the personal is political, after all, the cry from the 70’s feminist movement still resonates…

well, i guess I like to make some splashes and cause ripples of my own

or just do the wave and pass along worthy rippples from the people who’ve become friends and a network of social activists.

interconnectedness, we’re all 6 degrees of separation, so who knows when you have the right ear of a person at the right time with the right information.

it’s why I tell the truth, even when I do it in a whisper or a shakey voice or a loud and clear one.

that way, sometimes I can thunder.

truth to power, because sunshine is the best santizer

oh. sorry – I just realized, I forgot to thank you for your kind words on my blog!

you are also most kindly welcome

your blog was really an invaluable resource that helped me to

better manage and expand my consciousness

and you inspired me towards a great deal of self improvements, so I thank you most gratefully for your presence in my life

really, talk about the right time with the right information. 😉

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