Living Well

Posted on: September 12, 2012

I think the slide show works harmoniously with the poem

food is part of the cycle of energy transferance and life

by selecting the foods we consume consciously, we impact the larger environment

from our early ancestor days of selecting the favoured plants from accidental cultivation of sees to actual agriculture

disipline, intention

it’s what we need to solve the problems of there being over 7 billion of us, all needing resources, survival to thrival

within the limitations of our niches

I often ponder what makes the difference between people’s priorities and the scope of their thoughts

sometimes I think it’s a matter of nurture

but I think we should never minimize nature

mutations, spectrum, diversity

the spice of life

Source of Inspiration

Where do thoughts
come from? Our
brain, our soul,
from the great beyond?
Sometimes I wonder why
great minds like Einstein
are able to produce
visionary ideas, great
symphonies, lasting
literature, while the
majority of mortals fill
their mind with inane
every day minutia, or worse,
dark thoughts or sorrows
and regrets.

I examine my popcorn
thoughts throughout
the day and find little of
value. Sometimes I pick a
subject to ponder as I
silently go about a task,
but find my mind soon wanders
to the “he said, she said.”

Yet, I believe we are capable
of excellence–yes, you and I.
I expect that discipline is the
key. This discipline must be
practiced in all aspects of
our lives, each task, commitment,
and series of thoughts carefully
executed with focused awareness.

One step at a time, I discipline
my mind, body, soul. We have the
seeds of greatness within…

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