Living Well

Posted on: August 31, 2012


self awareness
self management
self actualization

the great bard cautions us to not be a borrower nor a lender be
but life teaches it is best as a receiver and a giver be

nurture and be nurtured
that is our truest nature
conditional on particular human condition

given all the givens

Source of Inspiration

Receiving vessel knows only how
to be open to receive. It does so
with a moment of pleasure, followed
by a longing for more. Nothing can
fill this vessel for it is made to
receive, thus its nature is to always need more.

Then one day, it observed a bestowing
vessel happily pouring bounty everywhere.
“Are you happy?” the receiver asked, “or
would you sometimes like to receive?”
The bestower looked startled, “Why, it’s
true that I sometimes wonder what it is like
to receive. But how can one change one’s
nature?” The receiver nods, “I, too, wonder
what it would be like to bestow.”

Thus they decided to walk the yellow brick road
to find the answer.

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