Living Well

Posted on: August 27, 2012

it’s interesting to re-read poems and see how differently they feel

this one remains very joyful

and it feels like a reminder about the needfulness of colour
in our lives and how all the workaday stressors and our depression responses really rob us all of that

grinding our emotions into a grey sludge, but rainbows remind us that things are separate and blending, parts and a sum

depression literally means seeing less colour, tasting fewer flavours and smelling a narrower range of smells.

but sound and light becomes overwhelming

recovery is about getting your senses, your sense of perspective and your sense of self restored and self sustaining.

but all of that requires connections to other people who are supportive and understanding.

too often that’s the hardest part to everyone on the outside. they can’t know what it’s like for the person in need of help and the help needing person can’t explain because there is too great a disconnect.

it’s not so much falling through the cracks. as being slowly chipped away and shoved down them.

but with a good support network, it’s possible to stop the fall, claw or crawl or stand your way back up and assess and repair all the cracks and chips.

because when you see all the colours of the rainbow, that’s ………

sunshine is the best sanitizer and rain is cleansing tears

and rainbow is nature’s way of celebrating the full spectrum of light

it’s like a glimpse of love from the universe

for those who will look up and see the rainbow and marvel that they can only be seen from one side and the ends of the rainbow never touch the ground


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