Living Well

Posted on: August 26, 2012



Source of Inspiration

Sometimes I feel discouraged.
One problem after another
arrives wearing down my energy
and faith. There is a part of me
that knows things will work out
in the end, but in this moment,
I feel beaten down. I feel ashamed
to feel this way, as if somehow I
have failed…if only I had: more
faith, had tried harder, was more
patient–you know how it goes.

But then the shift comes and things
begin to improve, get better, even great!
I am happy, even joyous. God is good,
the sun is shinning again. Then I beat
myself up because I worried so much
before, lacking faith, perseverance,

How hard I am on myself! I would never
allow anyone to treat me as badly as
I treat myself. What is this all about?

I want to be as loving to myself as I
am to others, as patient with myself…

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