Living Well

Posted on: August 26, 2012

explore and enjoy the age you are in
and live in the way to best ensure the next
so that when you reflect, you have happy memories and self love
a network of family and friends with thick and fond memories to draw upon

or as us trekkies would say

live long and prosper

Source of Inspiration

At three, I was innocent.
Seven found me putting a toe in the water.
Thirteen begat insecurity, a wish to conform that soon faded.
Before turning 20, I left home, knapsack on my back seeking my fortune.
Thirties were filled with adventures.
Forties had some, too.
Then came 50’s and 60’s, when I began to see
life in a new way, old ideas and values faded
as other possibilities became known. Soon I will
begin the decade of 70, a time for inner exploration,
new worlds to know. This journey has many twists
and turns, each offering new insights to those
who are willing to learn.

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