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Posted on: August 26, 2012

I struggled for years being an omnivore and even an unrepentant carnivore

but this year, the ethical situation crashed into a health imperative and I became a vegetarian raw foodie and saw dramatic physical and mental health improvements as a result

so while I still BBQ for my roommates, I find that it’s really about getting to play with fire and breath in the smoke smell before the meat goes on the grill more than anything else

I have 2 dogs and a cat and I stopped being able to make a distinction between animal companion and lunchable animals.

Source of Inspiration

Sometimes I question why I have been vegetarian for so long. Knowing how mistreated are the animals we eat has been a major reason. Also, I have always had loving connection with animals so the idea of eating one is at one level, re-pungent to me.

Living on an ecological project has taught me much about caring for the land. I also see how difficult it is to mass produce food organically so am left wondering if tofu has any virtue over meat. As I gained more awareness of how we interconnect with all living things, I have pondered eating plants, cutting grass so I can have a pretty yard, etc. There are monks who sweep the path before they walk so they kill nary a creature. I understand that as I carefully step over lines of ants, brush away bugs rather than killing them. Life has become precious to…

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