Living Well

Posted on: August 25, 2012

Source of Inspiration

The birthing room is filled
with thoughts waiting to
manifest. As we put our focus
on one, we transmit creative
energy to it, transformation
using the alchemy of our intention.
As all is connected, the creative
energy attracts universal equal energy
and, like a magnet, pulls in assistance
to the birth of our idea.

This process is the same for all
thought, regardless of what emotion
is attached. When we allow ourselves
to focus on anger, fear, resentment,
we attract more of the same energy.
Likewise, positive attracts positive energy. 

When you find yourself focusing on
something negative, mentally “cancel”
that thought and replace it with something
positive. Do not allow yourself to wallow in
self-pity, or negative emotions and thoughts.
It is good advice to “whistle a happy tune”
for we can change our feelings. We can
create the reality of our highest desires.

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