Living Well

Posted on: August 24, 2012

word: Purge

cleansing is healing
healing is eliminating harms

Source of Inspiration

Minimal living does not mean poverty.
It means letting go of all extraneous
objects, obsolete thinking, relationships
completed. I keep packing, then unpacking
and giving away.

Why do I have multiples of so many things?
How many shirts do I need? Where did all
of this stuff come from? What else have
I accumulated that I need to pare away?

I am preparing my life, both inside and out,
to live in the essence, in the moment where
nothing weighs me down. Will I then be free,
someone asks? The question startles me.
Freeā€¦no, I reply, for I have always been
free. It is jus that I am more aware of it now.

Are you free? What does it mean to you? It is
a question to keep asking from time to time.

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