Living Well

Posted on: August 19, 2012

Source of Inspiration

Letting go of attachments
is not easy even when it is
clear the attachment no longer
serves you. I have a favorite
dress that is loose, comfortable
and tattered. It is soft, faded
and even the poor would not want
it, but I love it. I keep piecing
the holes together until it is
clear even to me that it must go!
Yet it remains in my closet and
when I once again slip into it, I
pray nobody will come while I am
wearing it and I won’t die in it
and embarrass my long gone mother
who forbade us to exit the house
in tattered underwear in case
a truck hit us.

What other attachments do I have,
I wonder. We can be attached to
many different things besides
material objects…relationships
long past their time, habits, even
outmoded thinking and opinions.

What do we get from attachments that

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