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Posted on: August 18, 2012

Logically, if you are enlightened, that would necessarily include being beyond doubts

not because you have foreknowledge. but rather because you have the self knowledge to know that you are capable of anything.

And the only thing that undermines that ability to do anything. is the self doubt. so

there’s the formula. let go of doubt and find enlightenment.

and I just told you that for free. to anyone who reads your blog.

Pat, in the spirit of our friendship and how I play with my pals on Facebook.

I end with this thought:

true story and TESTIFY

Source of Inspiration

The word, “enlightenment” eludes me.
We are told we must have it. People
are making fortunes off those who
seek it, though the idea of paying
for enlightenment seems contrary
to it idea. But how does one know
when he or she’s “got it!”? Does
this mean we will never get angry
or afraid again? Never do anything
“wrong?” Will we have visions, see
angels, hear voices, meditate all day?

If I am enlightened, will I never
again have doubts? I don’t know what
it means to be “enlightened” in spite
of the plethora of existing definitions.

Perhaps I already am enlightened for
I am of the Creator who made me…how
could I not be?

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