Living Well

Posted on: August 18, 2012

Dear Living Well Readers:

This is exactly what I have been trying to explain to my new roomie, Rhonda.

Because she keeps saying that I am lazy like her hubby, Lorne.

and the challenge of dealing with a straight couple, when you are a lesbian. is well.

I am kinda on Lorne’s side of this issue and not on Rhonda’s.

Ah, whacky hetersexuals and your socialized gender conventions.
that us queers so love to ape with our butch/femme and gym queen/nellies

Dear Source of Inspiration Readers and of course, my inspirational friend, Pat.

What I keep trying to explain to Rhonda is that it’s not lazy – it’s efficient.

You arrange your project in such a way as to maximize your leisure at every project stages.

Luckily, this takes more brain work than physical work or effort of will.

which most naturally, justifies the leisure time entirely.



Source of Inspiration

I find myself making tasks out of play.
I never realized how “project oriented”
I am. I grew up in a culture that values
setting goals, meeting objectives, work,
work, work! I keep retiring and then creating
“projects.” I feel strong and young..and
guilty for “squandering” my days doing
things I love to do. Isn’t this absurd?

Pat, no more deadlines, objectives, projects.
It is ok to like in the hammock, sit by the pond
in idle contentment, be “late,” lazy, happy and content.

Gotta’ keep telling myself this. I seem to forget
from time to time: Lazy is good.

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