Living Well

Posted on: August 8, 2012

Source of Inspiration

The Creator creates a creature
whose inner most being is a
hologram of the Creator…perfect
duplication of that which gives life.

The goal of the Creator is to release
the creature with the freedom to experience
unlimited possibilities, which the Creator
would also experience by the nature of the hologram.

In order for the creature to be unique and not a clone,
the Creator allowed free will, knowing that regardless
of choices made, the creature ultimately will be the
hologram of the Creator.

Since the creature has free will, the Creator
established duality–to give choices, which one
must have in order to have free will.

This template of life is beautifully complex in its
simplicity. I am of the Creator in every way, yet I
am uniquely me as well. I am drawn to experience as
many aspects of life as possible, savoring each as all
are part of the…

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