Living Well

Posted on: August 7, 2012

because sometimes the artist is too fragile to take their delicates out to market

then it also matters about what happens in a given market for artists of any type

it’s about balancing resiliancies against dreams, and the workaday demands of life.

Source of Inspiration

When she died, they
discovered a box of art so
beautiful that they wondered where
she had discovered the artist and
why she never showed anyone the
delicate drawings.

There were dozens of carelessly
stored pieces of rich imagination
and meticulously rendered art. She
was a woman of modest means; how
did she manage to buy these treasures?

Then one day, her daughter discovered
her mother’s journal which was penned
in language of such sensitivity that each
page seemed a poem. In the corner of each
page, her mother had carefully drawn images like
those found in the box of art. She was
the secret artist.

Of course, one can only wonder why
she choose to hide such a gift. But
I understand because there is a part
of each of us that no one can ever
capture, that remains our unattainable
self. It is who we uniquely are,

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