Living Well

Posted on: August 7, 2012


Source of Inspiration

What happened to discretionary income?
Too often every penny is accounted for
before we receive the money. Are we
working only to survive the moment?

I adored having elective subjects in
college for then I could study what
I really loved. But, wait a moment,
isn’t that rather absurd? Why weren’t
my electives my majors? Because my
electives would not make me the most money!
And, in my culture, making money was the goal.
I could do the things I love to do
only when I had discretionary money
and time. Oh, yes, an energy left
over…a rare commodity in our
rat race world.

Today I am retired, that is, from
the whip of making money. I live
humbly but richly for I go from
one activity that I love to another.
Why did I need to be almost 70 to do
what I love?

Next time I am going…

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