Living Well

Posted on: August 7, 2012

being antiquated with both the hardest and softest
the difficult, the terrifying, the simple and the joyous

knowing all the compass points of emotions, is the only way to be one with all that there is of the human experience

only by knowing the extremes of companion emotions, can one find true centre

Source of Inspiration

Take the worst crisis you
have ever experienced, the
one that brought you to your
knees pleading for God to help.

What if this moment when you
are filled with despair is a
moment of Divine Love so great
that we should be on our knees in
humble gratitude rather than supplication?
For these dark hours bring us to awareness
of our spirituality, our connection
with Source. When I simply can do
nothing more is when I finally surrender
and seek the help of my Creator.

Please help me again feel the joy
of a sunny day, of laughter, of peace.
I thank you, most Beloved Creator, for
giving me a balance of hard and good
times so that I never become complacent
in my desire to be One with All that is.

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