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Posted on: August 5, 2012

true story

I couldn’t look at my animal companions and call them pets and other animals mealtime……

Source of Inspiration

I saw a truck filled with pigs
on the way to be slaughtered and
was reminded of the trains of death.
As I stopped beside the truck waiting
for the light to change, one sow caught
my eye. We held this gaze, both of us
filled with sorrow, her for her impending
death, me for our inability to see the
soul of this pig who would soon be called,
“pork.” I wonder who decided we should call
an animal we slaughtered by a different name,
a cow becomes “beef,” a pig, “bacon, ham, pork.”

If each of us visited where these animals
are killed, as I have done, it would not
be so easy to ignore the pleading eyes of a
single sow on her way to become a
pork chop on your plate.

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