Living Well

Posted on: August 3, 2012

to struggle
is to wrestle with yourself
or to endeavor to overcome an oppositional force
struggle is the breath of life
and as I previously blogged last year some time on Nina’s Garden…

when an immovable object meets and irresitiable force

it’s the force that will win, for force has time on it’s side and eventually, it will either deflect around the object and continue, or it will find the resonant vibration and shatter the immovable object

we know from water plants that rigidity is not conducive to thriving and change is inevitable and the very stuff of life

being irresistible is the take away to overcoming all struggles

Source of Inspiration

Struggle is not weakness,
but rather a soul striving.
Do not underestimate me for
I will endure long after
that which challenges me
and makes me stronger.

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