Living Well

Posted on: July 30, 2012

inspiring others
is perpetual inspiration
paying it forward
is a kindness
we do for ourselves

because giving giving
is what altruism is about
and we do not need to be stingy
and withhold our own kindnesses
from ourselves

Source of Inspiration

I wonder if Rumi
had notebooks of poems.
How was his huge treasure
of poetry so lovingly preserved?

A plight of the creative
is what to do with the
outpour. We fill rooms with
our words, paintings, music
that mostly melt away with time.

A few years ago, I burned a
lifetime of journals. I decided
that nothing I had experienced was of
value for anyone else for we
each must discover for ourselves.

Now I have a library of poetry.
People say, “Create books,” but
for what? Has Rumi, whose poetry
I love, changed my life in any
way? Have the poems of mine been
a source of inspiration?

Every day brings beautiful sunrises
and sunsets. I see them and find comfort
and awe at their consistent beauty.
God creates every day and has not a
single museum or library. Perhaps we,
too, are meant to add our renderings

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