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Posted on: July 25, 2012

every child a wanted one
what a wonderful world that would be

and I wanted to add this screenshot of the comments that have been made on the source blog.

Source of Inspiration

Over population of the earth
by humanity is a serious problem
seldom addressed. The number of
people here has doubled in my life
time and continues to soar.

I expect that the majority of people
on Earth were not conceived
with conscious intent. What if
every family had to plan well in
advance before having a child?
Money saved for good health care,
basic living needs, education;
the couple had an unbreakable
commitment to remain together
and share the responsibility of
raising the child to become a
loving, honest person.

The community also would share
the work of raising the child
assisting the parents as needed,
providing a safe town that was
clean, and had the necessary
services needed such as schools,
playgrounds, medical care.

What if each child was considered
a national treasure, not an object
to be starved, beaten, neglected,
unwanted, sexually abused and abandoned.

People, each child…

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