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Guest Blogger: Margie Vann

Posted on: July 11, 2012

I woke up today with something pressing on my mind (as usual) and usually I release those thoughts and shoot for a more positive or thankful feeling. This is so I do not get trapped into the random mind thought attacks and stay in the negative mind set!!!


Today I started to do it again but decided it is still confronting me so instead I confronted it!
I went through my morning routine and then I took some time to process what it was about this situation that I was fighting or not letting go. As usual I was struggling with something someone else said to me about me. I contemplated it for a bit and then went through all of my notes, books and other material I use to find my bliss so to speak.
I did my affirmations. I tapped into abundance. I visualized etc. Then I decided to pull a book about this particular subject. Read a few chapters and found my answer. What the other person said was NOT true. (I already suspected this much) but I found out Not only was it not true but all the related things that they said I did not do was everything I did do and have been practicing. I did it all along. It was automatic and important to me!! I gave my all and then some. It was on their end where it failed. I suspect it was their projections.


Once I realized I did my part I was able too release any guilt I have had on this particular matter and forgive myself and the other person. Once I did that I was able to understand some things about what made it fail in the first place. I also understand now, What triggered everything in the first place!


I love that my subconsciousness caught it before I was even aware. I love that my spirit rose up and said No, no, no. I love that intuition told me something was not right with this situation!


I love that it all still works and that I still have it! Even with a warped mind set I was becoming aware of the injustice.
My biggest problem was my reaction and over reaction to the fear it caused. That is something I need to work on in me.

That reaction was not so bad if it alerted me to danger so to speak.


Not only did I come out of the with a greater understanding Of myself and this situation, but I have learned a few things about what I want. I also exposed the dark stuff to the light! and it has helped me with a greater understanding of the bigger picture!


Today I am choosing to NOT accept someone else’s version, projections or explanation of this situation. Today I am choosing compassion! Today I am celebrating ME!


I know where my work lies and will be figuring out a game plan for that.


I am proud of myself for still having what it takes to recognize even while I was at my most vulnerable. I am proud to say I can trust in me. That thought tickles me to no end!


I am walking around my house with a huge smile on my face and making it a big deal with congratulating myself for everything.


I know this is deep stuff. I also know even if you do not understand it fully


Guest Blogger: Margie Vann


2 Responses to "Guest Blogger: Margie Vann"

I approve! Not that it matters. 😀

sure it matters.

to you very much and that’s where it matters the most in your world

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