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We are energy and made of star dust

Posted on: July 9, 2012


Frequency Control ~ Staying in tune with Nature

WE are Energetic Beings and Frequencies has an direct effect upon another’s vibration. It’s a vibration with no separation vibrating at different octaves. Mother Earth and the cosmos have a particular frequency in which We naturally resonate. Anything that does not flow in the natural vibration or frequency of the Cosmos, would in turn affect our perfect flow of synchronicity with the Universal and it’s delivery of Cosmic Energy, which permeates all things within and upon this Sacred Planet Gaia. Remember Every Thing is Alive.

All is Consciousness…. From the rocks to the air We breathe.
Love is a frequency.
Light is a frequency.
ALL is Vibrational. The Key is aligning with that which is a vibrational match or resonance with the Being You~WE are.
Be aware of the excess use of laptops, cell phones, TV and any frequency control use devices. Frequency control is used by those who claim to own your planet and wish to control you and the Collective through the manipulation of your individual Vibration. Hence affecting your Mass Conscious Awakening at the present nexus.
Your Power lies in your Awareness.
As WE ARE ONE and IN the Name of the One Infinite Creator, In Love We share with you.

We Are ONE.



3 Responses to "We are energy and made of star dust"

Beautiful and a blessing. Thanks for sharing.

thank you again

I am re-posting something that spoke to me.

did not write this.

I am learning about this subject and sharing what I find

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