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Posted on: July 7, 2012

tragic emergency preparedness awareness:

people who die in fires who are not sleeping/smoke inhalation victims
often die on the wrong side of an unlocked door because panic has made them forget what they know to do.
fear can be a gift, sometime to pay attention to to alert one to danger
but let fear make you aware and not panic or succumb
awareness, planning, contingency and business resumption
disaster mitigation is all about thinking of the future and having a plan

fire drills save lives

and careful design of human intrusions into wild habit can spare the lives of wildlife too

it’s not rocket surgery people, it’s just about planning and good design

sorry Pat, my training and professional background kinda hijacked your poem


Source of Inspiration

Sometimes I find withered
corpses of frog’s trapped inside
the house. It saddens me for
their freedom is so close, only
a screen away. I find life like
this–we are surrounded by all
this beauty holding everything
we need, yet many wither and die
because of some barrier of fear
that keeps them trapped inside.

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