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Cow farts contribute to global warming

Posted on: June 17, 2012


4 Responses to "Cow farts contribute to global warming"

unfortunately, becoming a vegetarian can lead to other problems. Without meat, you leave yourself open to developing things such as iron deffiency. It’s great that you lost 60 pounds, but this could be achieved with a balanced diet and exercise, you don’t need to become a vegetarian to lose weight!

If you do become a vegetarian, you really need to be on iron suppliments, especially if you are participating in demanding sports or other activities…

broccoli, spinach and other dark greens are higher in iron than meat.
you just need to add citrus from lemon or limes in order to ensure absorption

incorporating seeds and nuts and soy provide high quality protein too

my move to a vegetarian diet was to reduce fats but also to make a more ethical choice to eat lower down on the food web.

I prefer to eat raw foods rather than cooked, because that destroys a lot of the vitamins and nutritional benefits.

and really

the only reason why there is iron in beef is because cows eat grass

so wheat grass juice is one of the most healthy things you can consume

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