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Posted on: June 16, 2012

frogs are one of the coolest creatures
you can freeze them for years and when they defrost, they will hop away
they can induce suspended animation because they have a natural anti-freeze that protects their cell membranes by preventing the ice from creating sharp edges, basically sugar in their bodies alters the shape of the ice crystals.

they are also an environmental indictactor species of the health of the local habitat
frogs are disappearing in the amazon rainforests

and deformities in individual frogs – not an evolutionary change, but pollution and parasite infestation caused , like 9 or up to 27 limbs are being discovered all across America –

much like polar bears in the artics – too many are being born with deformities and defects like hermaphrodism and and too many are unable to consume enough food so their hibernation cycles are disturbed

and polar bears and grizzlies – cousins who diverged – are now being in the same regions because of climate changes and they are interbreeding into a new bear subgroup called


Source of Inspiration

frog is a great metaphor for life
baby swimming in water
growing legs and transforming
leaving the womb of the pond
taking its place on land
eating insects, croaking its song
laying eggs for more tadpoles
eaten by an eagle who transports
it to the next phase of life

Life is so simple when we let it be.

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