Living Well

Posted on: May 30, 2012

Source of Inspiration

At times we draw people into
our lives who can mirror what
we need to learn. I recently
discovered that someone I
thought was trustworthy had
been lying to me for years.
This has happened repeatedly
in my life, finally I stopped
and asked myself why. Are
people basically untrustworthy;
was I assuredly naive? Then,
as so often happens, I was shown
the answer to this question.

The author of a book* I was reading
talked about discernment in trust.
He said that there were levels of
trust and we should not entrust
certain things with certain people,
who are basically honest but not
necessarily with every thing. Now,
this as an obvious observation,
I suppose, but to me, a person was
either trustworthy or not. Can’t
be a little pregnant.

Integrity is an important value to me.
I watch mine carefully as it is easy
to compromise one’s integrity…

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