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Posted on: May 19, 2012

Source of Inspiration

As the first seed watched
the second seed take root,
seed three wailed, “What
about me? Where am I to
go? Who will take care of
me?” He trembled in fear,
afraid to take the first
step out into his new life.
Suddenly, a great bird swooped
down, gobbled up the little
seed and flew away. It happened
so fast that the others could
only watch with mouths agape.

For two days, the little seed
stayed inside the belly of the
bird who flew to the far side
of the floresta, finally releasing
the seed with a splat in a beautiful
glade by a tinkling stream. The
little seed wiped himself off,
looked around at the flowers, foxes
and fauna, and knew at last he
was home. He settled down into the
rich soil and sighed as he felt
himself begin to sprout. All that
fear had been unnecessary, he…

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