Living Well

Posted on: May 16, 2012

Source of Inspiration

“He was always a dreamer,
for sure he is crazy.
Vast, intricate universes
layered to infinity. He is
hallucinating,” the three
seeds whispered.

The first seed was undaunted
by their fears and animosity.
He knew who they truly were
and that soon the pod would
open, freeing them to travel
to where they could sprout
into the magnificent trees
they really were.

First a tiny crack appeared
on the edge of the pod. The
three seeds screamed, “The
end is near. Our would will burst
open. We will be devoured by great
winged creatures only to be
shat upon the ground in
some dark forest. Water will
pour on us and we will be
washed to the sea. All is lost.
Let’s kill our brother who has
brought this destruction upon us.”

But as they moved to harm their
companion, the pod burst open,
spilling them to the ground.
“See what…

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